Isis Temple Arts are ceremonial and educational sacred sexuality practices for men who desire to increase their confidence in the area of sexuality, intimacy and relationship.

In our sacred space and time together sessions may include:

~ Building confidence, ease and self-esteem in touch and partner-based intimacy.

~ Support in beginning a relationship or returning to relationship after experiencing divorce, separation, infidelity, religious-based restriction or disability that has prevented dating and/or sexual function.

~ Learning the art of giving and receiving through deep connected presence, consent and heart-centered touch.

~ Exploring and embracing your authentic path of intimacy and unique sexual self-expression.

~ Transforming destructive relationship patterns into new heart-centered possibilities.

~ Cultivating techniques for reducing sexual or intimate performance related anxiety.

~ Re-patterning early or rapid ejaculation into expanded orgasm and non-goal oriented whole body pleasure

Isis Temple Arts works with men of all religious backgrounds, ages and sexual orientations including seniors and persons with disabilities.

An introductory session is 75 minutes. Please email to inquire and for scheduling.