Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga.

Naked Yoga is a deeply intimate and liberating practice that nourishes body, mind and spirit. This au natural form of yoga begins with a group disrobing ritual and includes a gentle yoga flow practice and meditation to welcome a state of embodied inner peace. Naked yoga is a body-positive and celebratory practice geared towards loving the skin that you’re in and fostering a feeling of naturalness through self-acceptance and inclusivity. The absence of clothes in this yoga practice weaves together naturist and yogic philosophy that aims to bring about increased freedom, embodiment and relaxation in the yoga practice.

Our time together is safe, nourishing and judgment free.

All body types and levels of yoga experience are welcome, however, some familiarity with yoga is usefu

GROUP CLASSES: Classes will be held at the Pan Eros Foundation – Gallery Erato in downtown Seattle, WA

$20 in advance. $25 at the door.

Monday, March 9th, 7-8:15pm

Wednesday, March 18th 12pm-1pm

Monday, April 13th 7-8:15pm

Wednesday, April 8th 12pm-1pm

Naked Yoga & Spa Night @ Sacred Rain Healing Center in Ballard. $40 ($20 for class. $20 Spa Entrance) Pre-registration reguaired.

Wednesday, March 25th 22, 2020 7pm

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 7pm