Ceremonies are sacred rituals that mark transition, transformation and celebration in our lives.  As a ceremonialist I have co-created numerous rituals over the years to support and mark the important passage and transformation of the human soul as it moves into its next cycle of life.

Hand-fasting, Vow Renewal, and Wedding & Commitment Ceremony 
Successful couples have sacred intentions, agreements and purpose.  A commitment ceremony is a time to clarify and create our intentions for your relationship and its future and to create a sacred and personalized ritual to celebrate and honor those agreements.  Commitment ceremonies can be Interfaith, non-denominational, legally or non-legally binding and are ultimately about the couples and their intentions for coming together in partnership.  These ceremonies are available to couples of all genders, including polyamorous partners.  I am available to facilitate legally binding wedding ceremonies for couples of opposite and same sex orientation.

Uncoupling Ceremony
For one or both partners who are ready to transition, have transitioned or need support through the transition of separating from a primary partner or spouse. Cord cutting, calling back the lost pieces of the soul, confronting the wounded masculine and feminine, forgiveness rituals and unconditional love meditations to assist in transition.

Blessings Way & Baby Blessing Ceremony
Becoming a mother is a life-changing journey. A Blessing Way ceremony shores up the mother’s strength for this very special time as she steps through the portal into motherhood. This ceremony is a traditional native ceremony that has been updated to serve the western woman of the modern world in stepping forward powerfully with the blessings and support of her community into motherhood.

When new life enters the world, it asks to be blessed and named to create its right relationship to self, family and community.  Baby Blessing ceremonies name the child and surround the new born with his/her individual guides and protection.  This ceremony also honors and requests vows from the parents and community and their commitment to the child.

Seasonal Ceremonies 
Seasonal Ceremonies and celebrations honor the shift in the seasons paired with the shift in our lives when we connect ourselves deeply to the seasons.  Celebrated on Solstices, Equinoxes and cross quarter days, on new and full moons in groups of three or more.