Couples Ceremonies
“Relationships are the yoga of the West.”~ Ram Dass

Relating to sex, intimacy and relationship with our beloved is quite natural, and yet we as humans make this endlessly complicated. In relating, we are met with all of our wounds, expectations, habitual patterns and blocks to intimacy.

In couple’s sessions, we create an environment together for both of you to explore relating through sensual touch meditations and sexual energy cultivation practices. There is also space to address anything that might not be working in your relationship as well as space to build on what is working and to create more opportunities to explore pleasure, play and the erotic energy present between you.

Couples sessions can be individually crafted for your unique needs.  The sacred space set during our time together is love-based, intimate, playful, embodied and absolutely non-judgmental. You and your beloved will open to deeper levels of giving and receiving and will expand your pleasure and intimacy palette in new ways giving you the opportunity to connect on an even deeper more profound and intimate level. Each of you will gain a greater understanding of your own body’s authentic desires and how to express those to your partner as well as discover your partner’s authentic desires, giving the two of you an opportunity to break away from any previous developed patterns that have created stagnancy or are not serving the relationship.

In our sacred space and time together sessions may include:

  • Conscious Giving & Conscious Receiving
  • Sexual Energy Cultivation Techniques
  • Ecstatic Breathing Practices
  • Ceremony to Create a Sacred Bond Between You
  • Transforming Sexual Dysfunction into Sexual Possibilities
  • Sensually Conscious Couples Explorations

Ceremonies are 2-4 hours and can be created in your home or at my private Temple.

Longer Immersive sessions may also be available.

Please inquire.