I’m starting a New Moon Naked Yoga Class. Caring for the body, our temple, is a devotional practice. It takes a certain amount of commitment to align with Lunar Cycles. There is not the convenience of a regular sun date like the second Monday or every Thursday. Most calendars don’t track lunar cycles. A New Moon class asks us to pause and pay attention to the more subtle forces of nature and align our bodies with the current of the moon and its effects on our lives. The New Moon serves as a fresh start each month to recommit our intentions to self-care and whole body health. By aligning our bodies our devotions with the New Moon we are pausing to say ‘You Matter’ – your body, the lunar cycles, the feminine.

Class will incorporate the deep, vulnerable inquiry of a clothes free yoga practice in an online group ritual environment. This will include a group disrobing ceremony, yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation.  All genders welcome. Some yoga experience is useful.

The first class is Monday, December 14th7pm EST via Zoom.

Class is $20.  Scholarships are available for those in need.

To register for the class email me: isisphoenixtemplearts@gmail.com

2020 – 2021 New Moon Naked Yoga Schedule

Monday, DECEMBER 14th, 7pm EST

Wednesday, JANUARY 13th, 7pm EST

Thursday, FEBRUARY 11th, 7pm EST

Saturday, MARCH 13th 12pm, EST

Monday, APRIL 12th, 7pm, EST

Tuesday, MAY 11th, 7pm, EST

Thursday,  June 10th, 7pm EST

Saturday July 10th, 12pm EST

Sunday, August 8th, 12pm EST

Tuesday, September 7th, 7pm EST

Wednesday, October 6th, 7pm EST

Thursday, November 4th, 7pm EST

Saturday, December 4th, 12pm EST

FAQ for Naked Yoga Classes online via Zoom

I’ve distilled down the most frequent questions I receive as well as some additional information that is unique to this particular New Moon Naked Yoga class via Zoom.

What time should I arrive on Zoom?The Zoom room opens 15 minutes before class begins 6:45pm EST. Late arrival on Zoom after 7:05pm EST will not be admitted. Please plan on arriving onetime and staying for the duration of class.

What you’ll need:

Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone with a camera and audio access. This one is essential. The bigger screen the better. Position your camera so that as much of your body is visible as possible. Try positioning your camera at eye level about 12 feet from your mat. Please arrive with your device fully charged. 

Yoga mat

Optional additional props yoga blocks and a blanket that can be folded for you to sit on in order to elevate your hips.

Clothes: Please join the class clothed. We will disrobe together as part of the yoga practice.

A note on Sacred Space: Sacred space is best created in person, however, without the possibility of direct contact in person, I have moved class online. Please create a sacred space for yourself without interruption. Please turn off extra electronic devices during class so that you may be fully present. Light a candle if that brings you a deeper sense of entering into sacred space. Please arrive on time and plan on spending the entire class with us. Set an intention for your practice. Intentions thrive when aligned with the new moon. They are fertilized with movement, breath and consciousness. Allow this practice to weave a sacred alchemy around the intention you bring to your practice. 

Know Your Body and Your Limits. Please take care of your body and know the limits of your practice. If I teach something that is not right for your body, please adjust accordingly or ask for a suggestion. Your mic will be muted when we begin the asana practice but if you have questions, please unmute and ask them. Please communicate any injuries or special conditions you are working with prior to class via email or in the 15 minutes we gather before class. If you have a question please unmute your microphone and ask. I will be available to answer questions after class as well. When you take part in these livestream classes you assume full responsibility for any and all damages and risk which may incur through your participation. I will do my best within my ability and the scope of the technology to guide your through a safe practice.

Is it okay to take a look around the Zoom room at the other naked yogis?Please pin the instructional video on your screen. Yes there are a variety of yogis practicing live with us and this practice is about you, your journey with your body and yourself. Drishti is the Sanskrit word for gaze, internal consciousness or even point of view. Please focus your drishti on your own practice.

What if I become aroused and something ‘comes up?’ This is not a class or yoga practice that focuses on raising sexual energy. At the same time this is not a yoga practice that ignores that we are sexual beings who possess sexual energy. Your arousal is part of a natural flow and order to being alive. If arousal or an erections  happens, breath, acknowledge it silently with gratitude and return to your guided yoga practice.

What should I know about body hair and personal grooming before class? Any and all of your body hair including your personal grooming preferences in any style and form is welcome.

How much previous yoga experience do I need?It’s useful to have taken a few yoga class in the past to have foundational knowledge so that this is not your first experience with yoga. Classes are open level and your are expected to take care of your body’s unique needs during your yoga practice.

Can I just sit and watch?No. This is a class for those who want to practice yoga.

How do I care for my menstrual cycle while practicing naked yoga? Any way you want to including wearing bottoms if that makes you feel more comfortable.

What about chastity belts? No, thank you.

I have genital and/or nipple piercings. Do I need to remove them for class?Nope, not unless you find they are interfering with your yoga practice but only you can make that call.

Is this is an event to find a date and/or someone to hook up with? Nope, this is a yoga class and an exploration in svadyaya the yogic principle of self-study. No cruising please.

The instructor reserves the right to remove anyone from the Zoom class at anytime for any reason.

Have another question? Email Isis.