6 Self-Love & Care Practices During the Time of  COVID-19

This is a time where the consciousness of ‘the body being sacred’ is being deeply challenged by fear of bodies and the viruses they may host. A practice of embodiment and celebratory self-love and self-care at this time may be the furthest thing from people’s minds when we’re simply trying to navigate in our consciousness avoiding dying by coming into contact with the un-seeable and scary virus COVID-19. It’s easy to let fear run our lives when words like exposure numbers, outbreaks, viruses and death tolls are the top headlines in the news.

The CDC and WHO have said we can and should continue our normal routines at this time while staying vigilant and doing our best as individuals and a community to provide the best environment and peace of mind when interacting with the public.

While you’re practicing hand washing, social distancing and reducing your likelihood of exposure, here are some great ways to optimize health through pleasure and joyful movement.

Get some fresh air in nature. Throw open a window and if you are feeling good, go on a walk each day. The elements, sunshine when it’s out and fresh air can rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Avoid overly cloistering yourself inside unless you are recovering from an active illness or are immune-compromised.

Dance, Move Exercise. Put on your favorite music and let your body move. If you are in good health, participate in an exerciseclass to stretch and move and experience your body. There are classes both online and small group classes in person depending on your comfort level and current state of health.

Take a Hot Bath.Take a luxurious bath and offer your body touch and care in ways that feel good to you. Epsom salts, natural oils and scrubs can keep your body refreshed, reduce stress and help you relax.

Phone a friend. It’s easy to fall into self-isolation and sometimes even leaving the house can bring about paranoia. I rescheduled a lunch date into a long phone call when a friend of mine was feeling immune-compromised last week and we were able to have a beautiful afternoon despite not being physically together.

Practice Pranayama. Some yogic breathing exercises that boost your immune system and support your respiratory health

~ Breath of Fire– short quick inhales and exhales through the nose while focusing on the fire in the belly for up to a minute at a time. This stirs up the inner fire and activates the circulatory system in the body and supports the immune and digestive system.

~ Kapalbhati– skull shining breath. Focus on an active exhalation and passive inhalation. Think of bellows for a fire that are being squeezed. Focus the effort on your exhale and allow the inhale to naturally occur. Close your eyes and place your attention on your third eye. This clears the respiratory and nasal passages and clears out the energetic gunk in the crown and 6thchakra that may be congested. It is a detoxifying breath.

Herbs! Incorporate traditional medicines and herbs into your self-care practice. Herbs that I have been taking at this time to ensure my health when my immune system is feeling taxed, are elderberry tincture and oatstraw and nettle infusion. If you have a cold or respiratory infection consider adding mullien to your infusion for extra support with the lungs and circulatory system.

Little things to drop-into self-love and self-care can offer grounding and stability during an unstable time. Your body is sacred. Your body is beautiful. Your body is your life consort. Treat your body as you would your beloved, offering care, love and practices of joyful embodiment.

Naked Yoga classes will continue in Seattle at this time. Please bring your own mat per usual and make sure you are feeling well before coming to class. Take responsibility for your health and pleasure in this world keeping in mind the health and pleasure of others.