Sexuality is our creative energetic expression and in our culture we are only given permission to experience a small fraction of our fullest energetic potential.  When approached sacredly, consciously and from a place of love, our sexual energy has the power to heal, transform and empower our lives.  Our sexual energy returns us to our connection with Source, nature and the great movers of the universe. When we know deeply our most authentic, sexual and sensual nature and celebrate it, we return to our truest nature, which is that of Love. The more embodied and sensually, sexually self-aware we are, the more permission we have to be turned on, fully present, embodiments of Love.  Isis Temple Arts offers beautiful, sacred, heart-centered ceremonies and educational teachings for healing, transformation and embodied self-expression in service to Love. 

Isis Temple Arts are beautiful transformational rituals that serve to support the integration of sexuality, spirituality and love within the body, heart and soul.

Isis Temple Arts weave together Earth based ceremonies, sacred sexuality teachings and body and pleasure based rituals that support healing and transforming through the alchemy of love.

When our sexuality is expressed authentically and from a place of love, we have the power to transform and heal ourselves, others and the Earth.

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